Archaeomet Symposium 2010

The National Symposium of Archaeometry - 2010

BUCHAREST, 28th – 29th OCTOBER 2010

Organised by the National History Museum of Romania (MNIR) and
“Horia Hulubei” National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering (IFIN-HH) in the framework of the ROMARCHAEOMET Project

1st announcement

We are glad to invite you to participate at the National Symposium of Archaeometry, 2010 edition, a scientific reunion which continues the tradition of the symposia of archaeometry organised at Cluj-Napoca from 1987 to 2009.
The symposium’s proceedings will be held at the Conference Hall of the National History Museum of Romania, 12 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest. On the occasion there will be celebrated the 30 years anniversary of Romanian archaeometric research employing the methods of atomic and nuclear physics.
The event will be also a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge regarding the results of the archaeometric research in Romania, as well as to discus the future perspectives for the domain by considering the current scientific progress.
The scientific program of the symposium will comprise guest lectures, together with papers and posters sessions.
We are kindly asking you to disseminate this invitation among other colleagues of yours and persons interested in archaeometric researches.

The main topics to be addressed:

  • Metallurgy, coins and adornments, ancient and medieval technologies
  • The Dacian gold and silver in the European context
  • New physical and chemical methods for compositional analyses
  • Methods of dating – 14C (radiocarbon), (thermo)luminescence, dendrochronology
  • Pottery, glass, lithic material – flint, obsidian
  • Geoarchaeology – geological sources of row materials from prehistory to the Middle Age
  • Archaeological amber of Romania – local sources and imports
  • Conservation and restoration of the national cultural heritage
  • Legal and juridical aspects regarding the protection of the cultural heritage


Other subjects related to archaeometry are welcomed.

In the event you are interested in participating to the symposium you are invited to confirm this to one of the members of the organising committee indicated below. The deadline for announcing your participation is July 15, 2010.
Your confirmation has to include your full name, institutional affiliation, postal address, e-mail, phone number, fax number and mobile number in order to facilitate further correspondence related to the event. Also please specify if you will present a paper (or more), a poster etc., indicating the title and the main topic of your contribution according to the list above. See please the registration form annexed.
The Scientific Committee will notify the authors upon the acceptance of your paper(s) / poster(s) after September 1, 2010.
All the contributions accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in the volume no. 4 of the series ARCHAEOMETRY IN ROMANIA, edited in English and disseminated in Romania and abroad. The authors who will receive the confirmation regarding the acceptance of their paper(s) on behalf of the Scientific Committee will be notified in due time regarding the editorial norms to be used for drafting the text for publication. Such specific details will be made available throughout a further announcement, which will be send around mid September 2010, when will be known the final number of participants and the subsequent papers to be presented.

Pending of the confirmations of participations received, the announcement to be made in mid September will provide further information about the offer for accommodation (hotels, guest houses etc.). Please note that such costs are to be covered by the participants.

On the occasion of this symposium there is the intention to establish the ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF ARCAHEOMETRY. If you are interested in such an initiative please express your option in this respect, in order to make possible to commence the legal procedures and drafting of specific status, scheduled to be ready on the occasion of the symposium.

Looking forward for the confirmation of your participation, please receive the expression of our esteem and consideration.                      

The confirmation of participations must be sending to the Organising Committee.

Registration form download.

Contact details of the Organising Committee

12 Calea Victoriei street, 030026 district 3, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Phone/Fax: +40 21 311 33 56
In attention of Dr. Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu

“Horia Hulubei” National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
407 Atomiştilor street, P.O.BOX MG-6, Măgurele, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Phone: +4 021 404.23.00 / Fax: +4 021 457.44.40
In attention of Dr. Bogdan Constantinescu
In attention of Dr. Petre T. Frangopol
e-mail: –
(after June 25, 2010 only via mobile phone +4 0722.270. 314)


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